Making Money with Articles and Article Directories

Articles directories can be best described as websites with scores of subpages housing free articles. Freelance articles can be placed on the directories by whoever is the owner of the copyrights and the articles are mostly distributed for promotional reasons. Each article comes with a byline allowing the reader to learn who wrote (or owns the rights) to the article and then visit the website the article is promotionally supporting.

Article directories can be an excellent place to put written texts allowing them to make money for the writer/rights holder. Through using this method, consumers interested in a service or product can look at the article and see you as an expert on the subject and then travel to your commercial website. Even if you are not a writer ax you lack knowledge on the subject you are promoting (a common issue with those involved in affiliate marketing), you reserve the option of hiring a writer who is capable of doing the work for you. Acquiring quality article might be a little costly up front, but the revenues they generate likely will pay for their expenses over time thanks to affiliate or direct sales.

Let us take a real life example and examine it. Imagine you are an accountant working from your home. You may write an article on a topic related to accounting and put in on a host of different article directories. Those who are interested in learning about a subject you have written on can read your article and discover you have a lot of knowledge and talent making you the perfect professional to do work for them. You article will have garnered you a new client who might offer you a onetime deal or even request your services regularly.

Furthermore, since the selection has been posted on a free article directory, others who run affiliate websites centering on accounting might use your article for their website. Since they are required to attach your byline to the article, you end up gaining even more exposure thanks to each and every website that re-posts the article. The reason for this is you end up benefiting from all the traffic drawn to their websites.

A significant number of article directories exist for you to make use of. The best strategy to take part in would be to place one article on each of the sites for maximum exposure. Steps such as these do eventually bring in more traffic and customers to a website, which means more purchases and more profits.

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