Making Money with Free Articles

Plenty of website owners choose to use free article directories as a way to get people to their sites so that they can make money online. This is a very popular method for those who are just starting out in affiliate marketing and they don’t have a lot of money. They are low on funds, but they still need to create niche websites so that they can attract visitors and start making money.

This is usually one of the main ways that people with low funds choose to get content for their sites. However, this is not permanent solution for those who truly want to build successful websites and earn a sustainable income. The following are just a few of the reasons why it is not a good idea to continue using free article content on your website past a certain point.

The Wrath of the Search Engines

Search engines do not like this practice. They see this as your having the same duplicated content that thousands of other websites have. This means that the search engines will not rank you very high in the search engine results.

It is important that the search engines rank you highly, if you expect to get the type of traffic that will get you website traffic. You need traffic so that people will click on your affiliate links. If you do not have website visitors, then your chances of making any money are nonexistent. Your number one goal is to improve your SEO strategies so that you can get a high search engine ranking and pull in enough visitors and make an income.

Getting Customer Conversions

Ranking your website highly in the web searches and getting enough traffic is very difficult to do. But these are not the only things that must be done. You also have to get that traffic to click on your affiliate links. If you do not have original content that appeals to your customers, they will not click on your links. This is because most people want to trust you before they acknowledge your sales recommendations. They must feel like you are an authority on the subject and not just a peddler of duplicate content.

If the customer can see that you have duplicated content, they will think that you are a fraud. They will not trust you, which means that you probably won’t get too many customer conversions.

Those Pesky Author Bylines

Most free article content is only available to you if you agree to keep the author’s byline in the article. Don’t try to delete this without their permission or you can get into some serious trouble. Unfortunately, author bylines also have affiliate links. There is a possibility that the reader will read the article and then click on the author’s byline instead of your affiliate link. This is the main reason that authors agree to let you use their free article content. It is so that people will get to know them and then click on their affiliate links. Sure, you can use this type of article, but you will be in direct competition with the author.

When you consider all of the disadvantages of using free article content, you will see that it is not a good option for anyone who wants to earn a steady income. This might be something that you consider in the very beginning, but use other options once you start making a little bit of money on your own. Consider writing your own content in the very beginning and then hiring professional writers once the money starts to roll in.

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